Pagan Wanderer Lu
Pagan Wanderer Lu is a master craftsman of melodic electronic indie filled with pop '??hrw??rm' hooks, whip-smart turns of phrase and a political message rendered in effectively satirical terms rather than preaching ones. Bearing an encyclopedic grounding in influences that range from Bright Eyes to Aphex Twin and a healthy dose of wit and wisdom, PWL performs solo with guitar, groovebox, keyboard and a deadpan confidence born of five years' gigging experience. Having played throughout England and Wales, often stealing the thunder of his headlining acts, he has left a trail of avid converts in his wake and won praise from the likes of Martin Carr (bravecaptain/Boo Radleys) and Art Brut's Eddie Argos.
The Water Rats
Wednesday 3rd May 2006
Night & Day Cafe
Friday 25th November 2005