The Moths!
The Moths! are a West London trio who, in true "Our Tune" style, all studied at the same secondary school but then became separated on the road to musical Valhalla. Eschewing the dull-eared bravado of the nascent Lad Rock scene The Moths proffer love, arrogance, poetry, some cracking drum machine rhythms and a frontman who has been drawing creditable comparisons to everyone from Pete Shelley to Marc Almond via Brett Anderson. They released their debut single, a triple a-side of 'Games/Wild Birds/Valentine', on Label Fandango on April 16th.
The Borderline
Thursday 1st November 2007
The Ocean Rooms
Thursday 17th May 2007
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 17th April 2007
The Borderline
Thursday 18th January 2007
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 28th November 2006
A Nice Video Of The Moths!
Sunday 11th November 2007
Say Hello (again) To The Moths!
Thursday 18th October 2007
The Moths Single - Out Now
Tuesday 17th April 2007
The Moths! Hush The Many And Fandango
Friday 9th March 2007