The Complete Short Stories
The Complete Short Stories are a London-based cast of seven that have been charming and blazing their way through a string of dates at some of the capitalé─˘s legendary indie venues. Led by singer Kerry Adamson, the group have made an art of weaving ribbons of colour and sound into a spectral, other-worldly means of escape from the monotonous daily grind.

We could list their influences in their entirety but youé─˘d only go blind. Satisfy yourselves with the knowledge that between them The Complete Short Stories name check Kate Bush, Orange Juice, Radiohead, Trojan Records, Sonic Youth, Swervedriver and Pink Floyd, and then feel relieved that rather than sounding like a demented combination of the above, the seven piece make fragrantly melodic, disarmingly comforting music with crunchy sub-orchestral undertones.

With a rising reputation for engrossing live performances and a knack for pulling you headfirst into their songs, the Complete Short Stories are set for a big year in 2010. Debut single é─˙One Blank Channelé─¨ is available through Label Fandango from April 12, and the band (also with Gavin Ahern, Grant Frampton, John Hilton, Toby Levan, Naomi Paget and James Pickering) are currently in the studio recording their debut album.

Photo: Jonny Birch

The Bull & Gate
Friday 15th April 2011
The Bull & Gate
Monday 20th September 2010
Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
Wednesday 4th August 2010
Friday 9th April 2010
The Borderline
Thursday 11th March 2010
Bucks Students' Union
Thursday 4th March 2010
Wednesday 3rd February 2010
The Wilmington Arms
Friday 8th January 2010
The Lexington
Thursday 26th November 2009
Wednesday 12th August 2009
Complete Short Stories Single Out Today With Free Download
Monday 12th April 2010
The Complete Short Stories Release 'one Blank Channel' On 12th April
Saturday 6th March 2010
The Complete Short Stories Added To Bill
Tuesday 11th August 2009