The Tenfivesixty
The Tenfivesixty consist of Rik Hornby and Jen Bailey, a duo who share a love of lost romanticism, soundtracks, 60s girl groups, 80s hooks, good footwear and the darker side of classic British guitar pop, and who honed their craft touring America in a mini and on a budget of thruppence. Back in Blighty they were joined by drummer Seb Sternberg and the end result is sultry, fragile and not averse to the off smokily manic moodswing which sees them squeeze in between Mazzy Star and The Pretenders.
Friday 25th October 2013
Buffalo Bar
Tuesday 22nd October 2013
Thursday 6th September 2012
The Bull & Gate
Thursday 26th July 2012
Buffalo Bar
Tuesday 12th June 2012
The Bull & Gate
Thursday 10th May 2012
Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
Thursday 12th April 2012
The Bull & Gate
Wednesday 15th February 2012
The Bull & Gate
Thursday 5th January 2012
Buffalo Bar
Tuesday 6th December 2011
The Tenfivesixty Release Debut Single Through Giant Haystacks Out Now.
Friday 6th July 2012
The Harrowing New Vid For The Tenfivesixty's 'do This For Me' - Out Now
Thursday 28th June 2012
Tonight! Prs For Music Presents: Almost Famous At The 229
Wednesday 28th March 2012