White Giant
White Giant are three hirsute gentlemen from Leicestershire in the East Midlands. They consist of Kieran Fowkes (vox / guitar), Liam Jones (bass / vox) and Colin Miller (drums). Happily at their very first rehearsal in an abandoned pork pie factory they found their sound - energetic, groovy and loud with a kind of dark, dancey edge - which has resulted in the release of the decidedly loud, groovy and darkly energetic ‘Knife’ single.

Or, in their own words: “Combining diverse influences and sensibilities from each member's backgrounds and tastes White Giant create a sound which can quickly change from subtle textures and melodies to controlled chaos and back again never missing a beat.”

Those diverse influences converge on acts like Bonobo, LCD Soundsystem and Rage Against The Machine. This inevitably means that one single White Giant song can incorporate a multitude of moodswings and maddening styles, propelled ever onwards by Kieran’s spectacularly fluid, ricocheting guitar lines. Live, it’s a hypnotic, heavyweight, near-abstract experience - massively engaging, whilst also quietly enraged. Little wonder that both Coasts and Royal Blood enthused about the White Giant sound, each saying they were the best support band on their respective tours.

The ‘Knife’ single is a prime example of their upbeat, but down-at-heel alt.rock gumbo: there’s a flash of Foals, a pinch of Placebo and a buttload of angst: “‘Knife’ is a track that encapsulates the “fuck it” attitude you need to have to get over a problem,” they muse. “It’s a going-out-and-forgetting-about-your-issues by having-a-few-too-many-drinks type of tune. It’s a reaction rather than a considered choice and that’s the way we write music: if we try and come in with preconceived ideas and track outlines it rarely works, we work best on gut reactions and ‘Knife’ embodies that whole mindset.

“We have an almost ‘competitive’ approach to creating and rehearsing music,” they beam, angrily. “We go in for six hours and don’t come out until we either have 3 or 4 new song outlines or physically can’t play anymore - it’s like training session for us.”

Over the past year White Giant have been painting London Town a suitably angry shade of red, flaunting their wares at the Old Blue Last and Shacklewell Arms with the likes of Habitats, Get Inuit, JaJa OK, Desperate Journalist and Vestals. You’ll have spotted them pretty easily – they’re the ones twitching in the corner, ever ready for action.

“We’re not a ‘slow jam’ or shoegaze band,” decide White Giant with gigantic understatement. “We’ve always had our own sound and our ethos is that we always treat every gig the same - no matter how small or large, our job is to play as tightly and energetically as possible and get people on board with us.”


11th September 2015
[ Galagos 068 ]
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