Wild Cat Strike
Wild Cat Strike (‘waɪld ‘kæt ‘straɪk) n. 1 The feeling of folk-like intention with aggressive execution 2 The experience of immersion in sound 3 The manic shift between harmonious beauty and cacophony: Wild Cat Strike is releasing a new EP in 2015 [ Wild Cat Strike will be releasing a new EP Produced by Mike Lord (Wytches, Tigercub, Nick Cave, The Cure, British Sea Power and Florence and the Machine) in 2015. The new EP ‘I Want to Be The White That Sleeps Inside Your Bones’ takes a different direction from their previous release, ‘Attentive Blood.’ ‘IWTBTWTSIYB’ consists of 3 epic pieces totalling 25 minutes. The songs build with grand introduction, before the weathered vocals of lead singer Danny Byrom, progress from whispered lament to howled declaration of his intimately consuming lyrics.

“Each year the quality of the band opening up The Cave is strikingly brilliant and this year is no exception, you have no idea how good these guys are.”– Outroversion ‘2000 Trees 2014’ truly believable stories of epic proportions delivered with an utterly convincing performance.” – TWOTHREEFOUR

The Finsbury
Thursday 18th October 2018
The Old Blue Last
Friday 12th February 2016
The Shacklewell Arms
Tuesday 8th September 2015
The Old Blue Last
Friday 10th July 2015
The Borderline
Thursday 9th April 2015
Wild Cat Strike Release New Ep - 11 Sept + Ep Launch
Friday 4th September 2015