Reuben - It was only launched in September 2005 but already ROCK FANDANGO, the feisty night which takes place on the second Wednesday of the month and is co-hosted by rock sound magazine and the Club Fandango promotions team, is making its mark. Forward Russia, The Automatic, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Brigade and Dirty Perfect are just some of the bands to have rocked the walls of the Water Rats, and now it is time to tell the world about the ROCK FANDANGO XMAS PARTY. To whit, REUBEN are very special guest headliners from Surrey, England. Big of heart and bold of tune they have been spending the past few years on the UK underground cultivating a ribald following by dint of a string of searing live shows demonstrating a cheery panache for vibrant grunge-smeared powerrock. Their most recent London show was headlining Islington Academy not but a couple of weeks ago, so get your tickets now or forever hold your breath.