Fandango Services

This is the section where Fandango lifts the hem of her dress and shows you a peaky peek of her underwear (and you thought fandango was male) It's the murky stuff that Fandango does behind the scenes - the 'services' it can provide for the industry and artists alike.

So, yes in addition to putting on gigs, and releasing records and launching radio stations, we also consult and run press and radio campaigns and publish songs and manage bands and lots of other things can find out all about it here...

1-2-1 Consultancies

These can be via phone / Skype call or face to face meeting and will endeavour to offer practical advice and specific concrete strategies to help your bands get to the next level whether it be creative or commercial, demo feedback, A&R etc. Its a cheap date, no strings...

Rate Card

30 mins phone/Skype call = ?50

1 hour phone/Skype call = ?75

Detailed feedback on demo = ?150

Half a day / full day also available


Affiliate Partners
  • Recording Studio (Snorkel Studios)
  • Legal Advice (Pete Dyson - Dyson Law)
  • Video / Content Provision / Photos (Andy Willesher)
  • UandNonU (Design)

Artist Development Deals

Lastly we have our own roster and this is what we can offer the bands and artists we really love in form of a development deal where we look to build several things - your profile, your audience, a team, your confidence as an artist.

We work this around an album and may incorporate singles, gigs, international radio, live agents, tours, funding, promotional ideas pulling on all our expertise and experience and contacts to try and get you towards that next level. We have big mailing lists and partners so then you are free to go or free to stay. If things go super well and a big indie or major comes we can swap hat to artist management who knows. Maybe we can go all thew way and get you to that headline slot at pyramid stage.

  • Live / Touring - entry level to world touring though network of venues / promoters / ticketing outlets
  • Global Record Distribution (Digital & Retail) (label fandango / ingrooves)
  • Publishing / Sync (songs fandango)
  • Artist Management

Full Campaign Management Service

This is where we combine all our knowledge, experience, network and parters to run a full campaign specific for your band which can combine all or some of the following services below:

  • Digital Distribution through INgrooves
  • Physical Manufacture, Distribution & Export through Shellshock
  • Publishing, admin and syncs
  • Online / national press campaigns
  • Radio plugging
  • Funding advice
  • Live / touring
  • Social / Digital marketing
  • A&R consultancy
  • Recording through Snorkel Studios
  • Legal advice
  • Video / Photos

Workshop / Seminar

This is a new quarterly event where you can come and hear us speak.

We will charge you for this pleasure but you can ask us questions... anything you like as long as its too not too complicated and you happy with the odd broad brush stroke and a few lazy generalisations.

We might also tell a few stories about the time we saw that or did this... stories from the front line of the indie coalface to illustrate a point... anecdotal evidence I think you call it.

Date of first workshop to be announced soon

For more info contact

Bespoke Artist Services

This is a drop down list of bespoke services we can do for your band - somethings we charge, somethings we commission. It's all very reasonable and if you don't think it is well you can f... er, I mean you can haggle us down... services marked with an * are only offered this to bands when we confident we can get results.

  • A&R Consultancy
  • Press / Radio Plugging*
  • Social / Digital Marketing*
  • Live event/tour arranging - entry level to world touring though network of venues / promoters / ticketing outlets
  • Funding Advice - GFTA. PRSF, momentum, MEGS *