Wreckless Eric ** Cancelled **
Wreckless Eric ** Cancelled ** is a legend. He made his first record in 1976 for Stiff Records and toured the world. He briefly gave it up to become a full-time alcoholic. He then signed to Go! Discs with a group called Captains Of Industry which included two of the Blockheads. 'I f*cked that up but finally got my drink problem under control', he says, and formed the Len Bright Combo, and since then has been recording himself and had a book published called 'A Dysfunctional Success' and released the album 'Bungalow Hi' on his very own Southern Domestic label. In the meantime, you can check out 'Whole Wide World 4 England', which is a boisterous soccer-themed reappraisal of Eric's very own 1977 indie punk classic and sees the light of day on fierce panda on June 12th 2006. The formats are 7in / CD / download, the catalogue number is NING 184 and the b-side is 'Wayne Rooney's Foot', which is Eric's voodoo-tinged attempt to heal THAT metatarsal before the whole thing does to pot.