Tinashe was originally shipped over from Zimbabwe so she could eventually grow to become a doctor/lawyer and wire money back home via Western Union. 'That didn't go so well,' he says, 'I blame/thank MJ. I smiled & nodded to avoid bullying over my African accent at school until the Eastenders elocution lessons started to pay off... I can now slip in between both rather seamlessly... I grew up in Hackney. I will always be a Hackney boy but I'm enjoying being in a state of flux. Life is bigger than London. I'm currently more in love with my guitar than I have ever been. I make guitar music. I am not ashamed to say l love pop music. My goal? To make music that even your nan will love. That's what its all about for me. Good music fuelled by the world around me. If you like what you hear and wanna bring your nan or anyone under 95 to a gig? Go for it I'd be dead pleased be sure sure to say hi!'