Hold Your Horse Is
Hold Your Horse Is are a band consisting of three chaps from Frimley and Fleet (please repeat!). The usual story, pilfering members from local bands to form a better band. Taking influence from awesome bands such as Riddle Of Steel, Reuben, Refused, At The Drive In (mainly bands starting with 'R'), HYHI is about fun, being loud and playing fast, and sometimes being Super....Duper Serial.

This band are rapidly approaching the throne of one of the best alternative bands around. - ARTROCKER.

They exude confidence and power - pounding drums, huge riffs, heavy basslines and rough, British vocals amount to a big presence. - ROCKSOUND.

Very Brilliant. - FRONT MAGAZINE.

Take their name from a Hella album title, but sound more like an assault from Shellac and McLusky round the back of a bus stop. - DAZED & CONFUSED.

They're brash, they're loud, they're bloody amazing. - KERRANG! RADIO.

A rampant, unrelenting attack of pure audible joy. - THE 405.