Ally Kerr
Ally Kerr Just back from a headline tour of Asia, one of Scotlandé─˘s fastest-rising songwriters continues to flourish as an independent artist, picking up fans all across the world. Ally Kerré─˘s success initially began in Japan following the release of his critically-acclaimed debut album Calling Out To You, much of which was written as Ally travelled between the East Coast of the USA and the West Coast of Scotland. Its inclusion in a major Japanese music magazineé─˘s list of é─˙Top 20 Albums Ever To Come Out Of Scotlandé─¨, was testament to the strength of the songs and the album happily sat alongside the seminal works of Orange Juice and Belle and Sebastian. Kerré─˘s strongly received second album Off The Radar resulted in international airplay, festival invitations and live dates in Europe and Asia as well as continued support across the internet with fans, bloggers and reviewers agreeing that this new album is a real step-up from the much-lauded debut. Touring in Europe and Asia will continue while putting the final touches to home demos that will eventually be realised in the studio. These songs will comprise the third album, which Kerr feels is his strongest and most ambitious work to date.