Standard Planets
Standard Planets are a London three-piece, cut from the same outsider cloth as Peaking Lights but weaving very different strands of music together, surgically grafting prog rock's layered textures onto deft kraut rhythms, powered by the future primitivist half dream axis between minimalism and hip-hop.

Formed whilst residing in various east London warehouses, STANDARD PLANETS saw a shared desire for a musical utopia, free from convention, striving further evermore, to where you find them today: having shared stages with the great and good of a new fourth world underground network - Factory Floor, These New Puritans, Gold Panda, amongst others - while enacting various audacious musical becomings such as their recent guitar orchestra interpretation of Holst's 'Mars' - of which Loud & Quiet called "something altogether more primal, ass-kicking and cosmic" and "with android precision and detached cool." - their current collaborative work with the remaining members of Arthur Russell's Dinosaur L and Loose Joints, and their recent oil-projection saturated headline show on top of Dalston Roof Park, as part of the Land of Kings Festival.