Brigade capture the essence of powerful dynamics, emotional sincerity and perfectly crafted songwriting. Residing in London but with roots in Suffolk, Japan and Bristol, they are a shining example of a band that fall outside the remit of genre classification. Heres a band that write enormous songs; songs that wrap themselves around you like a grappling, hugging bear and wont let go. In battle there is no law, in the music industry only the strong survive. Bands and trends come and go, but only bands of a truly special calibre will leave their mark in musical history. Brigade are set to do just that. Currently working on album no.3 due out in 2011, this show is a great chance for the fans to hear some old tunes and some soon to be Brigade classics.
Tuesday 29th June 2004
Unit On
@ The Dublin Castle
07:45pm - £6 / £5 with flyer
£7 Advance Entrance Strictly 18 Years And Over