Cheerio Skydiver
Cheerio Skydiver started as the bedroom recording project of former minor-league drummer, Anamik Saha (Finlay, Dark Captain). His numerous tapes and CDRs consisted of defiantly lo-fi productions that condensed his love of early blues and 60s soul, classic and post rock, Native Tongues hip hop, 80s synth pop and 90s American indie into scratchy, three minute-long power pop gems. Now joined by Rahul Desai (Slowgun, [pockets]), Isaak Marregui and Hilde Stephansen (Tiny Too) - the latter two known from his days undertaking a PhD in Sociology - Cheerio Skydiver play fast, overdriven, highbrow yet elementary rock and roll. Think of a mix of early REM, Beach Boys and Nirvana recorded onto a cassette dictaphone, with a bit of social theory thrown in for good measure.