Club Fandango @ Little Heavenly Social
Little Portland Street
London, W1W 7JD
Tel: 020 7434 0620
Best Tube: Oxford Circus
Best Bus: 73
Little Heavenly Social Website
Please let me know your stage specs asap. The clue is in the title 'FANDANGO STRIPPED' as to size of stage (matchbox), the nature of the night and P.A specs. (4 to 5 five mics + D.I's). I need to know exactly how many band members, how many vox, instruments n amplification to avoid potential chaos and ensure the smoove running of the evening.(As ever we expect everybody to go the extra mile to get people down and ensure a packed house.) Normally we have stripped down/unplugged versions of bands sets or acoustic/electronic acts so bear this in mind if you think is a standard gig and don't bring any Marshall stacks!Obviously, everybody should share equipment, because the stage is so small this results in chaos otherwise. and NB: DRUMMERS - GET MINIMAL OR GO PERCUSSION AND IF YOU'RE GONNA USE A KIT, PLS SHARE WITH THE OTHER ACTS SO WE ONLY USE THE BARE BONES OF ONE KIT. NB,NB: THERE IS NOWHERE TO STORE CASES OR EQUIPMENT SO YOU SHOULD ARRANGE TO KEEP THEM IN YOUR VEHICLE OR OTHERWISE WHEN YOU ARE NOT PERFORMING. LASTLY SOUNDCHECK TIMES ARE SET IN STONE IF YOU ARE LATE YOU WILL MISS YOUR SOUNDCHECK AS DOORS OPEN AT 6PM SHARP! When this night works and everybody is prepared it's a top atmosphere and one your fans won't forget. Please get in touch asap if you're unsure of anything. Best regards and up the revolution!
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