Club Fandango @ Dublin Castle
94 Parkway,Camden London
London, NW1 7AN
Tel: 020 7485 1773
Best Tube: Camden Town, Northern Line
Best Bus: C2 or 274 stop right outside the venue
P.A. / LIGHTS SPECIFICATION: 2 x ???Meyer MSL3 Speakers, 4 x 500W 18inch Sub Bass, 2 x Meyer M3 Controllers, 1 x Sub Bass Crossover, 1 x 4 way + 1 x 2 way Compressor system control, 1 x Pro audio, C audio amps OUT BOARD: 1 x 24CH Allen & Heath GL 2000 Mixer, 2 x Pro Audio27 Band Graphic Equaliser, 4 x Yamaha 31 band EQ, 1 x Lexicon PCM 60 Reverb, 1 x Alesis MIcroverb 3 DDL, 4CH Behringer Noise Gate, 2CH BSS Compressor, 1EA Tape and CD player MONITORING: 3 x Martin LE400 Monitors, 1 x 400W drumfill, N.B: The desk facilitates 4 seperate moniter mixes MICS: 4 x SM58, 3 x SM57, 2 x Sennheiser 504, 1 x AKGD112, 3 x D.I. LIGHTING: Pulsar rock desk MK2, 4 x full par cans, 4 x mId par cans, 2 x baby spots, 1 x strip box (8 lamps in sequence), 1 x light, Engineering Para-flash strobe, 1 x light, Engineering Doris (Sound to light)
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