Club Fandango @ 229
229 Great Portland Street
London, W1W 5PN
Tel: 020 7631 8388
Best Tube: Great Portland Street
Best Bus: 18, 27, 30, 205, C2
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Location and Load-In
Venue 2: Load-in via purple canopied entrance. One flight of stairs from street level to basement.

Venue Dimensions
229 Venue2: Room Size – 18m x 7m | Ceiling Height – 2.5m
Stage dimensions: width 5.48m(18ft) | height 0.46m (1.5ft) | depth 3.66 (12ft)

2Kw HK Audio Active sound system – 2 x mid high & 4 x sub bass speakers

Mixer position
On raised platform, in back/centre of room

FOH Control
Yamaha LS9 - 32 channel, 4 auxes for monitors plus 10 available analogue outputs.

FOH Speakers
Mid/high: 2 x QSC HPR153i 3-way tri-amped active, 600w RMS each
Bass: 4 x QSC HPR181i active subs, 1x18’’, 700w RMS each

Monitor system – run from front of house
4 x QSC HPR122i active, 12’’+1.4’’ biamped, 500w RMS each

Mics: Shure Beta 52/Shure Beta 57 / 4 x Shure SM57 / 4 x AKG c451 / 4 x Sennheiser e604 / Audix D6 / Audix D1 / 2 x Audix D2 / Audix D4 / Sennehiser e901 / 2 x AKG c414TLII / 2 x Audio Technica AE3000
BSS AR-133 DI Boxes
Beyerdynamic GST500/550 stands
Van Damme cabling throughout

DJ Control Equipment – located in booth at end of room
2 x Technics SL1210 turntables
Denon DN D4500 twin cd player Denon DN-X900 Mixer
Monitor System: 1 x RCF art 300a 1x12+hf 2way active cabinet

Additional sound system for club/discos
4 x CS15, 660wrms, full range 15” + 1” compression driver
1 x MC² T500 amp – 250wrms/ch
1 x MC² T1500 amp – 750wrms/ch

1 x Martin Freekie controller
12 x Chrome-Q - color punch LED lights
4 x Martin Mini Mac Profiles
4 x Showtech LED P64 Cans for staged area
Colour Kinetic MRG2 LED colour changing wall lighting
DTS ARC, 575watt full CMYK colour mixing flood light in canopy



Via back of stage fire exit, (Park Crescent Mews) one flight of stairs direct to stage or key operated lifts from ground floor then push to venue.

Venue Dimensions
Room Size – 15m x 15m | Ceiling Height – 5m | Stage Height – 1.5m
Stage dimensions: width 11.5m (37ft) | height 1.5m (5ft) | depth 5m (16ft) to 8m (26ft) | clearance 4m (13ft)
Drum Riser: blocks 1.2m(4ft) x 2.4m(8ft), height 0.3m(1ft) or 0.46m(1.5ft)

Cee forms
63amp 1 phase x 2
16amp 1 phase x 2
63amp 3 phase (for additional lighting)

Sound Limiter
Formula sound sentry environmental noise control unit.

d&b Q series flown and under stage, controlled by DIGIDESIGN VENUE SC48 Console - Supports studio-quality audio plug-ins and Pro Tools LE integration (Pro Tools LE software included).

FOH Control
DIGIDESIGN VENUE SC48 CONSOLE: sotware version: 2.8 x1
Tascam CD-01 PRO CD Player x1
Klark Teknik DN 360 dual 31 band graphic equaliser x1
Mixer position: Back left corner of venue.

System Control
d&b R1 Remote Control software

FOH speakers
Main hangs flown in real stereo
d&b Q1 x6
d&b Q10 x2
Subs: D&B J-Sub (cardioid mode) x3
Amplification: d&b D12 amps x6

7 separate mixes available
d&b MAX 12s wedges x7
Drumfill: d&b C7 sub + D&B C4 top x1
Amplification: d&b D12 amps x4

Both PA and monitor speakers on single d&b R60 network at FOH position (laptop provided)

Full compliment of industry standard mics: 2 x Shure B52, 1 x Sennheiser 901, 8 x Sennheiser 904, 4 x Rode NT5, 3 x Shure B58, 8 x Shure SM58, 1 x Shure 57, 1 x Shure B57, 2 x Shure PG48(talkback)
Assorted K&M 210-90 / 259-10 boom stands x28
1 x 12 ch sub-stage box
1 x6 ch sub-stage box
BSS active DIs x6
Radial passive DIs x4

DJ Control Equipment
CDJ 1000 MK3 x 2 / DJM800 mixer or
Denon DN D4500 twin cd player Denon DN-X900 Mixer
Technics SL1210 direct drive decks
Stage Monitor System: 1 x RCF art 300a 1x12+hf 2way active cabinet

1 x Avolites Pearl Tiger Console
8 x Robe Colorspot 250AT Moving Yoke
2 x Robe Colorwash 575AT Moving Yoke
16 x Chrome-Q Color Punch LED lights
1 x Jem Hazer
3 x 18 x 10amp dimmer packs
Stage: 32 x 1000watt par 64 cans
1 v. large mirror ball positioned centre stage
See floor and stage plans for positions

Other disco lighting:
Effects: 4 x Abstract VR8 DMX controlled intelligent light
2 x Abstract Hypermoon sound animated
2 x Abstract Twister MK3 sound animated
32 par 36 pinspots

NEC NP2000, 4000 Ansi Lumens LCD Projector permanently mounted
Front of stage, electric screen (3m x 3m image).
Back of stage, white back drop (5m x 3m image)
DVD & video, laptop facility available.
Wireless and/or plug in internet available.

Sound System
Suitable for dj/club events only:
Front of House System: Crest vs1500 2 x 750w power amp
4 x RCF art 300 full range cabinets
QSC MX3000a 1250 x 1250w power amp
4 x RCF event esw1018 1x18 bass cabinets
QSC RMX2450, 2x750w power amp
2 x Mackie (RCF) art 500, 2-way (1x15”+1x2”) cabinets
Cloud cx2242 zone mixer
XTA DP226, digital audio processor
1 X Mackie 1402-VLZ PRO, 14 channel mic/line mixer

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