Club Fandango @ The Camden Head
100 Camden High Street
London, NW1 0LU
Tel: 020 748 54019
Best Tube: Camden Town, Mornington Crescent
The Camden Head Website
2 x RCF 310A self powered 480W wall mounted speakers
1 x RCF 310A self powered 480W monitor speaker

Amplifiers and Power
There is plenty of hard wired 240V stage power
Speakers are self powered

Desks and Outboard
Mackie 1402-VLZ3 14 channel live mixer with 3 band active EQ
1 x TC Electronics M350 Reverb Processor
1 x DBX 231 Graphic Equaliser
1 x DVD recorder / player with hard drive
1 x Sony domestic CD player with Denon domestic amp
1 x 10 send / 2 return multicore from stage box to front of house
2 x Ultra-DI Active DI box (modem # DI100)
Assorted XLR and jack to jack instrument and speaker leads

Mics and stands
3 x Sure SM58s
1 x Audio Technics mic
4 x mic stands (incl. 3 x boom stands)
Assorted mic leads

DJ equipment
1 x Numark CDMIX3 ?Compact Dual Deck DJ Station with MP3 Support and Anti-shock capability
1 x Numark CM100 4 chn prof mixer
2 x Technics SL1210 MK2 turntables (let us know if you need them prior to the day of event)
Assorted leads

Lighting (on separate electrical circuit to PA system)
Desk: German Light Products, Light Operator 24 channel DMX
4 x LED parcans on lighting bars
1 x Martin Raptor disco lighting effect (stand alone, sound to light)
1 x Martin Mania disco lighting effect (stand alone, sound to light)
1 x Soundlab lighting effect

Stage is triangular shaped and 3m x 3m down the sides, 4m across the front

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