The Envy Corps
The Envy Corps first got together six years ago around the nucleus of Luke and David. The former had been a web developer, the latter studying English at the local university. The next couple of years were spent playing with a constantly revolving selection of local musicians. Occasionally they would play live, sometimes attracting a paying audience, other times not. But they were learning and growing and developing all the while. Then, in 2004, Davidé─˘s brother Scott became a full-time member, and they subsequently poached Brandon from another band, To My Surprise. 'Was I happy to be poached?' Brandon says now of the experimental rock act he was involved with, an outfit fronted by Slipknoté─˘s Shaun Crahan. He smiles enigmatically, and what he doesn't say speaks volumes. 'You could say that, yes...' Brandon not only brought his guitar, but also a vision that would help coalesce the band's ambition, and quickly they became a viable proposition with a tangible future. Initially, their inspiration came from across the Atlantic, specifically the shoegazing bands of the early 1990s along with the likes of New Order, The Verve and Radiohead. [Photo:]