(we Are) Performance
(we Are) Performance were once described by NME as 'what Kraftwerk would sound like if they were 12 years old AC/DC fans with too much Sunny Delight in their systems'. Said the BBC, on their debut album, 'it is album of intelligence, doffing its hat to its inspirations (step forward Phil Oakey and Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Martyn Ware) and, without ever being overpowered by them, pushing electronica-fuelled rock onwards and upwards to glories.' They are two boys and two girls. School-friends Joe Cross and Joe Stretch came to Manchester to talk politics but ended up just fucked, talking too loudly about the power of pop music. Meanwhile, having shared a womb, sisters Laura and Hilary Marsden had learnt to play a dozen instruments and were throwing parties round Manchester, putting on bands, causing others to dance. Album number two is on its way. [(WE ARE PERFORMANCE) PLAY ROOM 1]