Dirty Little Faces Single Out Soon On Label Fandango
28th February 2006
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The Nuts Of Truth: ** DIRTY LITTLE FACES consist of Liam Batkin (vocals), Tom Short (guitar / backing vocals), John Baglin (drums) and Chris Ebbs (bass). They live in Peterborough and 'Finding It Hard' / 'Never Enough' is their debut release.

** Label Fandango fell in love with the quartet when they opened for Duels and The Harrisons at a BBC 6 Music / Club Fandango show in January of this year. The gig was the end result of eighteen months of endeavour as DIRTY LITTLE FACES took their influences - The Who, The Jam, The Kinks, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Oasis and The Strokes - and made some noise. Then they ditched that noise and made some more noise, because as they say "If you can admit to yourself that something's shit and it's not working before someone else tells you, then you're heading in the right direction."

** The end result is a terrific timeless stew of mod passion, new wave riffs and modern indie-rucking insensibilities. The live show is tight and a hoot, the songs are taut and to the point and you will not hear a more thrillingly nailed debut single all year than 'Finding It Hard'. Riff of the month? You betcha.

** DIRTY LITTLE FACES are the fourth riders on the Label Fandango storm, following releases by The Hot Puppies, Kapowski and The On-Offs. To celebrate joining our club DIRTY LITTLE FACES play the following live shows. The single is out on Monday 10th April:

MARCH 10TH Kentish Town Bullet Indie 45 Club

MARCH 22ND Camden Barfly

APRIL 7TH Kilburn Luminaire (with Apartment)

APRIL 8TH Nottingham Cabaret

APRIL 12TH Liverpool Zanzibar

APRIL 13TH York Fibbers

APRIL 14TH Glasgow Nice'n'Sleazy Club Fandango

APRIL 15TH Peterborough Met Lounge