Royworld Single - Out Today Today Today!
3rd December 2007
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Finally! Woohoo! Royworld's debut single is out today on Label Fandango and it is called 'Elasticity' and has a rather fab b-side called 'Tinman' which is too good for a b-side so let's, in the tradition of other Label Fandango releases, call it a 'double a-side'. Jo Whiley has 'spun' it twice on her show now that we're aware of (and compared them to Sparks! And Buggles! WTF?), which is the first national daytime radio airplay we've had, so that's all very exciting indeed.

The single is out on vinyl ONLY (no downloads on this one, we're afraid) and can be purchased through record shops and our own shop. For those of you who pre-ordered it from us - THANKS, UR THE BEST - please wait a wee while longer and accept our apologies, as we're waiting for stock to turn up at Fandango HQ. :-(