Kapowski Single Out Now On Label Fandango
23rd January 2006
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** The truth: KAPOWSKI are from the burgeoning hotbed of musical talent that is Northampton, England. They consist of Nik Gray (vocals / guitar), Kevin Clayton (guitar), Luke Farmer (bass) and Tucker (drums). 'Jean Michel Jarre' / 'One > 100' is their debut release, not to mention the second single on the freshly forged lo-fi-hi-thrills seven inch indie Label Fandango.

** More truths: Singer Nik claims that Katy Hill is the "best Blue Peter presenter of all time". Guitarist Kevin says that his very favouritest album is 'Axis Bold As Love' by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Bassist Luke spends every Tuesday evening alone watching 'Legally Blonde'. Drummer Tucker's favourite place name is Braintree.

** Together they are KAPOWSKI, and together they make radiant, rollicking, indiepunkpowerpop with tunes and swagger and cool haircuts. Meeting at college is one thing. Sharing a mutual enjoyment of The Cure, Jimmy Eat World, At The Drive-In and The Police is another. And making edifying guitar-grappling statements like 'Jean Michel Jarre' is yet another still. Check the lovely Teenage Fanclub-style mini-coda from 2 minutes 40 seconds onwards for further evidence of Kapowski's melodic scampery.

As is already traditional with Label Fandango releases, the flipside reveals a less hectic side of the band's personality with the resoundingly sorrowful 'One > 100' (as in 'One Is Greater Than A Hundred', math fans) completing the KAPOWSKI circle.

The Label Fandango troopers are currently considering another 67 bands for future single releases. They may be some time?Ѭ?