The Moths! Hush The Many And Fandango
9th March 2007
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Hi. Label Fandango brings you not one, not three, but TWO 7" pieces of joy next month. Firstly, on April 9th, you will find one in the form of Hush The Many (Heed The Few), whose 'Song Of A Page' rumbles along with like those guitar-bashing Mogwai types making sweet sexytime with Hope Of The States, and just so happens to be released on the day the band start their tour with Fields. Following that, the week after, is an altogether different beast, a triple-header of 'Games / Wild Birds / Valentine' by new west London peeps The Moths! who recently signed a phat publishing deal and 'Games' etc will be their debut single. It also shoves Label Fandango into double figures, what with it being catalogue number Galagos 010. Hooray.

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