A Few Tickets Left For Ultrasound @ Islington Assembly Hall This Sat 1st June
28th May 2013
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The Venue: Islington Assembly Hall
The Date: Saturday 1st June
Doors: 7.45PM
Tickets £9.50 from WE GOT TICKETS

Rock pop explorers Ultrasound bring their cinematic punk-Floyd approach to curating an evening of cosmic music. The music of artist and coder, Simon Katan, will evoke the formation of galaxies. His audio-visual compositions create musical odysseys through exploring animated worlds which incorporate abstract humour, absurdity and wonder. Adrift in a sea of sound and possibility, the acutely haunting and occasionally brutal Dead Rat Orchestra will steer their ship through the primordial soup, shouting, singing, glistening, and plucking textures and melodies to craft their idiosyncratic vision of what music and performance can be.Čć

Finally, in a cacophony of light trails and dark matter, hosts Ultrasound will deliver us to a present with songs spanning light years, mountainous peaks, cavernous troughs and pop-battered pockmarks. Ideas will flow and spark as fusion takes hold é─ý ité─˘s all very Heath Robinson. Now fully reassembled and with second album é─˙Play For Todayé─¨ (Fierce Panda) firmly under their belts, Ultrasound are ready to take you into the future. It has always been about é─˛celebrating the newé─˘.

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é─˙suffused with passion, intelligence and a kind of heroic, life-affirming despairé─ÂPlay for Today is a beautiful beasté─¨

é─˙é─˛the sound of a band on top formé─¨
God is in the TV

é─˙High-drama, high-octane, occasionally high-on-life pop musicé─¨

é─˙A Triumphé─¨ Q magazine

é─˙Simmering grandeuré─¨ Mojo

This is not a gig, ité─˘s a voyage through time - Departure at 7.45pm

Tickets £9.50 from WE GOT TICKETS