Rising é─ý Supported By Musicweek: Delooze + A Girl Called Ruth + Satellites
10th October 2013
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Club Fandango is starting a new night called Rising, supported by Music Week, next Tuesday, October 15th. It takes place at The Borderline and the opening night stars DELOOZE + A GIRL CALLED RUTH + SATELLITES

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Delooze is an enigma wrapped up in a big ball of dark wool, inhabiting a world of misty electronics, gothic undertones and classical instrumentation. Ité─˘s a world populated by her very own Glass Army, after which her debut album is named. DeLooze is releasing a taster of said album in the form of the é─˛Holleré─˘ EP on October 28th.
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A Girl Called Ruth is indeed a girl from Wales who plays really lovely and gentle and immediate pop songs called things like é─˛Lullabyé─˘ which has a video which features really lovely and gently effective visual tricks like fairy lights and shots of London by night. replica rolex
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Satellites is playing a special early set tonight. Satellites is Johnny Vic, an Englishman living in Copenhagen and the man responsible for 2012é─˘s é─˛SATELLITES.01é─˘, Rough Trade 16th favourite album of the year. The cannily-titled follow up é─˛SATELLITES.02é─˘ opus continues to search for a place and purpose in the middle; and here finds clarity, colour and perspective. Using what he dubs é─˛humanized electronicsé─˘, Vic explores the concept of future legacy é─ý strident and striding because that is what men have to be and do. replica omega
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