The 5th Installment Of Fierce Panda & Disorder @ The Shacklewell Arms, Dalston Is Here
25th October 2013
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** fierce panda & Disorder head back to the Shacklewell Arms **
** November 5th sees Department M amble into Dalston **

The second Tuesday of November is galloping over the distant horizon, which can only mean one thing - fierce panda records and Disorder promotions are ready to rejoin forces, and replica watches perhaps fur-ces, to entertain the carrot-dicingly discerning public with yet another bill of thrilling pop joys, like this.. replica breitling

The Thing: fierce panda & Disorder present replica iwc


The Venue: DALSTON SHACKLEWELL ARMS (71 Shacklewell Lane, London E8 2EB. 020 7249 0810)

The Date: TUESDAY NOVEMBER 5TH 2013 replica cartier

The Doors: 8.00pm

The Tickets: £5.00 advance from WE GOT TICKETS

DEPARTMENT M (onstage 10.00pm) are a Leeds quartet fronted up by the perennially freshraced Owen Brinley who've played their way around the hipster joints of east London in support of their two singles Ill Fax You An Apology (Black Boutique) and The Second Prize (Too Pure) which nod sagely, and indeed synthily, at Depeche Mode and Talk Talk. Their last live show around the corner at the Tipsy bar was a riot of colourful keyboards and crescendonic beats and they have a mini-album out on fierce panda any month now. replica rolex

DESPERATE JOURNALIST (onstage 9.15pm) are a North London quartet who've been causing ruffles in underground circles with their 'Cristina' single and hectic live shows which blend gothic sensibilities with sensible post-punk machinations. Beneath the deadpan panda-eyed exterior however there is something fantastically uncontrived about their fervent hollerings, encapsulated in imminent second single 'Organ', which is released on Label Fandango on November 11th. replica cartier

LONGFELLOW (onstage 8.30pm) are five heartbreakers-in-waiting from South London who possess an epic overview and a melancholic undercurrent. They create a modest, authentic and soulful mixture of indie and pop, bolstered by fearless melodies and large choruses. Not wishing to be left out from the record release party Longfellow are launching their second single 'Siamese Lover' on Label Fandango in January 2014.