Pandamonium 2015 Day 1 - Wed 7 Jan @ Sebright Arms
30th December 2014
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Oh my rampant puddings it's...Day One of PANDAMONIUM '15!!!
Sean Grant & The Wolfgang & friends from up North(ampton) lighten up the Sebright Arms on Wednesday January 7th 2015!!!

It's become as traditional as regretful cardigans, revengeful relatives and the general sad-faced stout-bellied post-Christmas fudge. Never fear, Pandamonium '15 is soon here, with fierce panda records and Club Fandango and Disorder Promotions and some cheeky friends uniting forces to shine some light on the New Year gigging scene, as they have been doing since making some calendar space in 1999.
The venues are small and cool. The bands are cool and small. The nights are young, the mood is mellow and there is music in our ears. Day One of Pandamonium '15 is a night of thrusting (and occasionally bearded) melody provided by Northampton’s finest independent music organisation, The Shipping Forecast, rather like this…

The Shipping Forecast & Club Fandango & fierce panda present
Pandamonium ’15 Day One
Wednesday January 7th 2015
Hackney Sebright Arms
(31 – 35 Coate Street, London E2 9AG)
advance tickets £4.00 from

SEAN GRANT & THE WOLFGANG (onstage 10.00pm) Expect dynamic punkoid folkisms from four rowdy roustabouts with perpetually bruised melodies and frequently battered knuckles. Sean Grant’s current excellent ‘War Machines’ EP opens with a song called – slightly confusingly – ‘War Machine’ and never lets the ripping up from there.

CHARLOTTE CARPENTER (onstage 9.15pm) is a rising Kettering-born singer-songstress who has been known to mix Laura Marling’s breathless insight with Daughter’s ambient indie. Her recent ‘Take It All’ EP – her fourth – is imbued with a more abrasive, rockier side, while the video for the title track is a gently harrowing affair starring a weepy classic VW Beetle.

BEIJING CARS (onstage 8.30pm) are gnarly musical naysayers, deep of voice and dark of riff. Theirs is a world of awestruck Americana cut through with a thoroughly decent British populist sensibility, all drowsy vocals and rousing guitars.

NICHOLAS STEVENSON (onstage 7.45pm) is playing a special stripped-back show tonight, as befits a man who was found as a child wandering a North American wood on all fours. Taken in by a research team, they found him at first incapable of speech with a preference for wild berries and certain mosses. With time he began making occasional drawings and hummed tunes whilst pounding on a xylophone. He now remembers little of his days in the woods, although he once found himself able to hold a conversation with a raccoon in London Zoo. Nicholas has supported such artists as Mumford & Sons, Frank Turner, Karima Francis and Alessi’s Ark, and the video for his current ‘Here I Land’ EP tune is a sci-fi-tastic powerpop-mungous delight.