Pandamonium 2015 - Day 2 - 8 Jan With White Giant
30th December 2014
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Oh my rampant puddings it's...Day Two of PANDAMONIUM '15!!!
Get Inuit get into it at the Black Heart on Thursday January 8th!!!

It's become as traditional as regretful cardigans, revengeful relatives and the general sad-faced stout-bellied post-Christmas fudge. Never fear, Pandamonium '15 is soon here, with fierce panda records and Club Fandango and Disorder Promotions and some cheeky friends uniting forces to shine some light on the New Year gigging scene, as they have been doing since making some calendar space in 1999. The venues are small and cool. The bands are cool and small. The nights are young, the mood is mellow and there is music in our ears. Day Two of Pandamonium '15 is a night of charmingly low-slung riffs and downright groovy guitars and scruffy indie vibes, rather like this…

Club Fandango & fierce panda supported by Music Week present
Pandamonium ’15 Day Two
Thursday 8th January 2015
Camden Black Heart
(2-3 Greenland Place, London NW1 0AP)
Tickets £4 From

GET INUIT (onstage 10.00pm) are Alcopop!-tastic Kentish kids who make lovely raggedy indie rock involving Chopper bikes and heroically melancholic melodic undercurrents, as evinced by current tune ‘Dress of Bubblewrap’. Expect a debut EP called – rather cannily – ‘001’ on February 9th.

WHITE GIANT (onstage 9.10pm) are three bearded tykes from Leicestershire who create splendidly complex soundscapes out of the simplest of bass-drums-guitar formats. Theirs is a planet of tropical twinklings mixed with bluesy outbursts which nods at every heavily groovy band you’ve heard over the past 19 months, but sounds like nobody else at all.

ZULU PEARLS (onstage 8.20pm) As you may expect from a band who list their home towns as Berlin AND Washington DC Zulu Pearls similarly list their influences as: “DIY, ‘60s, ‘70s, Hi-8, Hip-Hop, Super-8, drinks, drugs, etcetera.” Throw in a soupcon of ever-so-subtle blue collar rock action and y’all have yourselves a combo releasing their ‘Deluxe’ EP on Label Fandango on January 5th.