Welcome to the School Of Fandango

THIS is a new resource for new and emerging bands and solo artists with the aim of helping you get from your bedroom to playing your first gig to releasing your first record to building a team and an audience, and maybe one day having a hit!

Indeed, many new bands are perplexed about how it all works. How do I go from playing to 'un homme et un chien' (one man and a dog for you who can't speak French) on a wet and windy Tuesday night to headlining the pyramid stage at Glastonbury?

Well, we here at Fandango are not sure how you do that either, but we can help you get some of the way - point you in the right direction with some do's and don'ts, probably more don'ts than do's - coz making it in a band these days is a bit like rocket science, and there are rules, lots of rules - some spoken, some the school of fandango will endeavour to give you some handy hints to help you on your way...

Eventually this resource will searchable by subjects and put into seasons so you can skip to relevant bits depending where level you at... entry level, emerging, export-ready, established (we cater for all) - but to get it up and running we will start with a blog on this and a blog on that just to get it out there and then we'll tidy it up coz in some ways too much planning takes the fun out of it and we like to go off on tangents... the scenic route if you like...but bear with us and we'll get there eventually... and if we are really clever we may embellish with audio and video bells and whistles...

So if you are in a band, or want to be in a band and you have some songs in your heart, or lyrics on your lips, or riffs in your fingers or beats in your toes well this might be for you...

From the bedroom to Brixton maybe.

Forthcoming School Of Fandango blogs...

Demos do's and Don'ts - What makes a good/bad demo?

How important is a band name?

Recommended studios/rehearsal rooms etc

The 4 D's - Drive, Dedication, Determination, Desire

Would you sell your nan down the river for a hit?

Bands need to be a brand not just a band

How important are press shots?

Is a bands performance on socials now more important than their performance on stage?

Is an EPK all you need?

Stuff you can't not do. They might not notice if you do it but they will if you don't

Recommended pluggers / press companies etc

You need gigs to build audience V too many gigs to exhaust the audience

Becoming tight - putting on a show rather than putting on a gig

Ticketed v free gigs

The importance of sequencing an album/set list

Do and Don'ts of the soundcheck

Recommended venues, promoters, live agents

The Journey Of The Master - What is the process of releasing an album?

Do you need a label?

What is Digital Distribution

Assets needed before the release date

How important is the artwork?

Which track is the single?

What is album dumping?

What the blazes is the difference between an impact date and a release date?

Exclusive premieres (when / how / why)

Bob the builder - building repertoire, audience, confidence, stagecraft

Recommended labels, distributors, publishers

What does a distributor do that the label can't?

What does a label do that the distributor can't?

ISRC, PRS, PPL, MCPS - what are these confusing things?

And when to join? And what is metadata?

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