Fanfarlo recently, finally, completed their supremely accomplished debut album. This record, gestated in the dull chrysalis of childhood, emerges into the world a beautiful full-formed butterfly, one of natureé─˘s wonders. Indeed it is hard to think of a record so resolutely positive that isné─˘t made by people of faith. And what I said about sense of place; it turns out it is specific actually. Simon Balthazar who writes and sings most everything in Fanfarlo, grew up in Sweden among the melancholy trees and lakes of suburban Gothenburg. It is his life we are looking at, not that youé─˘d know it from the lyrics. Everything on é─˛Reservoiré─˘ is laden with memorable hooks and moments. The words meanwhile provide clues and points of entry to a world familiar to anyone whoé─˘s ever felt powerless and thwarted by circumstance, without ever resorting to feeble literalism. Now based in London, Simon, is joined in Fanfarlo by a fine coterie of fellow travellers, each responsible for adding to the bandé─˘s wide palette of sounds. Cathy Lucas (violin, keyboard, vox), Justin Finch (bass) and Amos Memon (drums) and Leon Beckenham (trumpet, keyboard) all conspire to ensure that Fanfarlo eschew a defining format, often reaching for less than obvious conclusion to musical conundrums: saws, clarinets, cellos, mandolins, ukeleles, melodicas, handclaps and foot stomps are all brought to bear in keeping things sounding fresh and alive. As good as they had seemed on Talking Backwards (Fortuna Pop), You Are One Of The Few Outsiders Who Really Understands Us (Fandango), Fire Escape (White Heat) and Harold T Wilkins (Felt Tip), it was as nought to the leaps and bounds they would come on in the few shorts weeks in New England. Throughout é─˛Reservoiré─˘ one is constantly lifted and transported by the sheer loveliness of what you are hearing. There is no doubt that all of Fanfarlo are clever and bookish coves, but when they come together to make music, they function on gut level.
Wednesday 22nd November 2006
@ Funktion Rooms
07:45pm - FREE
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